Friday, September 26, 2008

Glenwood Springs!!!

OK-So we (Me, Parker, Grandma Haag and Papa Haag) went on a really fun trip at the beginning of September. Unfortunately Brad couldnt go b/c of hunting and work. We took the train from Downtown Denver to Glenwood Springs. It was a 5 hour trip but it was sooo much fun. Parker loved it and he did great. He even took a nap on the train. It was the first time for me and Parker on a train and it is definitley worth it. The scenary is AWESOME and you dont have to worry about anything!! Its GREAT!!!

He was so excited to get on that he wouldn't even stop for me to take a picture!!
We got to our seat and he was willing to say CHEESE!!
Parker made a friend on the train...She was really sweet and talked and played with him
He loved to look out the windows and watch for animals!!
Tired boy!!!

The first day we went to the Hot Springs!!
All sunscreened up and ready to jump in
Showing our muscles!!
Nap time...what a trooper!!!

The second day we went to the adventure park and to get to the top you ride a tram!! Parker was a little nervous at first and wouldnt let go of Papa but he liked it.
Hot Dog or Hamburger?
Dad and I rode the best ride ever...The flyer coaster...100x better then and alpine slide!!
we also toured some caves...the were really cool!!
Snack time!!! What an unbelivable view...we could see ALL of Glenwood!!!

The last day we just hung out and walked around town after checking out! Parker loved to watch the water from the bridge
waiting for the train to show up...Parker wanted to help with the luggage.
(that's is not all ours)
The conductor gave him his own conductor hat!!
A coal train went by while we was loud!!!
He slept for 2 1/2 hours on the way back!!! He fell asleep sitting up he was so tired...isnt he CUTE!!!

It's been WAY TOO LONG!!!

Hey everyone-I know it has been a long time since i have blogged. We have been super busy and just havent had time to get it done. i am really going to try and get better.

Our lives have just gone crazy it seems like. Brad and I are Sr. youth counselors at our church and we really love it but it keeps us going ALL the time. My work is getting busier and busier every day it seems and Brad's work is really picking up too. But we are loving every minute and we sure enjoy any time that we get to sit down!!! :)

Parker is getting so big and SO fun. He is talking more and more every day. He has a new word every time I turn around. He is growing up so fast. I really wish he would slow down but i dont ever see that happening.

Grandma Haag buzzed his hair and he looks about 5 years old. Mom and I just about cried when she was done cutting it. He looks so cute and sooo much like Spencer. (my brother's youngest son) It really changed his look but it is great and his hair is out of his face. What a concept!! He still looks just like Papa Haag and mommy. It really doesnt even look like Brad was involved!!

Ok he got my looks, BUT he is definitly a daddy and Papa's boy. But he still wants mommy for certain things!! Which i just eat up!!

Being a mom is the greatest thing ever!! I always ask how can you love someone so much? and it just keeps growing more and more. ITS AWESOME!!!

Mommy and Parker hanging out!!
Showing off his new do!!! So handsome!!
Playing outside
I am going to really try and get better and Blog more is really fun!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Family Day!

Every 2nd Saturday of the month is family day for the "Haag" family. Each one of us three kids take turns and pick what we do every month. It is very fun and we always do something different. Well June is our month and we did a picnic at a local park in honor of the fathers. It was a good time and we had lots of food and a big park to play at. We are very blessed to live so close to family and we love to get together with them as often as possible.

Strong boy!!!
Look at me!!!
His first chin up with alittle help from daddy!!
Arent they a good looking trio!!
Baby Reagan with Aunt Kendra
Another Cute trio
YUMMY watermelon!!
Yet again another cute trio!!!

We had a lot of fun. When it was over we all wanted to go home and nap...

Father's Day 2008

This year Brad had trouble deciding what he wanted to do. It changed a few times from going to the Aquarium (downtown), to the Childrens Museum, to Bass Pro Shops and a few more. He finally decided that the public pool right up the street was where he wanted to go. So after Parker napped we headed up to the pool. We had lunch and then we got in the pool and didnt get out until we left about 2 hours later. Parker loves the pool. He is a little unsure at first but once he settles in it is usually a fight when we have to leave.

Mommy and Parker...Aren't we cute!!!
Parkers loves to jump in!!

Sitting with daddy...just for a minute!!

Fathers day was a Fun, relaxing day!! Brad is a great daddy and Parker loves him so much!!! He is definitly a daddy's boy. Brad loves being dad and it shows. He is very caring, funny, and loving. Parker and I wouldn't trade him for the world. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful man in our lives.

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all you dads!!

The Sandbox

We have a space in the backyard that the owners before us used as a dog run and a garden so we have taken that down in stages and this spring we had the brilliant idea to make a section of it into a sandbox. Parkers daycare provider has a sandbox and he LOVES it. He gets so mad when he has to get out. So we decided to give him one at home to play in. It was a pretty easy process because my husband is so handy and knows what he is doing. He is nice to have around. I think we will keep him.

Daddy and Parker working on the frame and digging out the dirt to make room for the sand.
almost done...just one more peice to cut

Now it is time to fill it with...2 tons of sand...
Even Parker wanted to help...LITTLE heavy!!
Even mommy got in on the action...look at those guns!!
ALL done!!!

We still need to make a lid for it but so far so good. Parker seems to like it and has fun playing and getting dirty in the sand. He is such a boy! I love it.

Cousin Makenna Sleeps Over!!

Makenna sleeps over for the first time at our house. It was a real fun time. Not too much fighting but they had their fair share. Bath time was a blast and Parker kept looking at Makenna like she was Crazy!!! They had fun and we cant wait to have her over again!!

Who is that girl??
CHEESE!!! (Isnt she beautiful?)
They are going to love this one when they are older!! hehe
All ready for bed...
These two are really a cute pair when they are getting along. They are getting better about being nice to eachother and they are more and more fun to watch play together. They still have their moments but for the most part they are really sweet to eachother.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Parker "CHIP" Rippke

Yes you read that right!! Parker has chipped his front top baby tooth. He was at the babysitters and fell on the sidewalk. OUCH!!! When I went to pick him up I noticed it. Debby felt so bad because she thought he just got a fat lip and didnt even notice that his tooth had chipped. He is doing just fine and the dentist said that it wasnt worth trying to go in and shave it down. He said that it would be more of a hassel then anything. As long as he is eating good and not babying the tooth then we just have to wait for it to fall out.

He never smiled really big for us, the little stinker, this is the best we could get... He is still one of the cutest boys around. It gives him a little character.