Friday, September 26, 2008

Glenwood Springs!!!

OK-So we (Me, Parker, Grandma Haag and Papa Haag) went on a really fun trip at the beginning of September. Unfortunately Brad couldnt go b/c of hunting and work. We took the train from Downtown Denver to Glenwood Springs. It was a 5 hour trip but it was sooo much fun. Parker loved it and he did great. He even took a nap on the train. It was the first time for me and Parker on a train and it is definitley worth it. The scenary is AWESOME and you dont have to worry about anything!! Its GREAT!!!

He was so excited to get on that he wouldn't even stop for me to take a picture!!
We got to our seat and he was willing to say CHEESE!!
Parker made a friend on the train...She was really sweet and talked and played with him
He loved to look out the windows and watch for animals!!
Tired boy!!!

The first day we went to the Hot Springs!!
All sunscreened up and ready to jump in
Showing our muscles!!
Nap time...what a trooper!!!

The second day we went to the adventure park and to get to the top you ride a tram!! Parker was a little nervous at first and wouldnt let go of Papa but he liked it.
Hot Dog or Hamburger?
Dad and I rode the best ride ever...The flyer coaster...100x better then and alpine slide!!
we also toured some caves...the were really cool!!
Snack time!!! What an unbelivable view...we could see ALL of Glenwood!!!

The last day we just hung out and walked around town after checking out! Parker loved to watch the water from the bridge
waiting for the train to show up...Parker wanted to help with the luggage.
(that's is not all ours)
The conductor gave him his own conductor hat!!
A coal train went by while we was loud!!!
He slept for 2 1/2 hours on the way back!!! He fell asleep sitting up he was so tired...isnt he CUTE!!!

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